Where to Get Leads in Real Estate

As a real estate agent, you know that leads are your lifeblood. It gives you a list of potential clients, whether buyers or sellers of a property. Having a lead will give you more control over your time because you can reach to more clients at a time. 

In 2014 research conducted by the National Association of Realtors reveals that 64% of sellers work with their prior agents or with agents referred to them by friends. The research highlight two important points: (1) referrals are important in getting new clients and (2) 39% of sellers use several channels to find an agent. Item number two shows that only 4% of the seller found their agent online, while another 4% met an agent at an open house. 

Here is a quick guide to getting a steady supply of leads: 

  1. Keep in touch with your buyer

Your communication with your buyer should not stop after you hand over the keys. If you are 100% sure that your client is satisfied with your service, you can ask him for help by soliciting referrals. Give him a stack of your business cards and ask him to give them to his friends who will need an agent. Referrals from past clients are very helpful in generating new leads. 

  1. Go After For SaleBy Owner (FSBO) Listings 

There are sellers who try to sell their own property by themselves. 90% of them cannot complete the task and eventually hire an agent. Check for FSBO listings on Craigslist and try to offer your services. When you contact them, try to convince them by creating an impression that you are a consultant who is an expert in all aspects of real estate. 

  1. Contact Sellers with Expired Listings

Contact FSBO properties and contact the owners. Discuss with them the possibilities why their properties are listed for so long. Offer your assistance in revitalizing the listing. Convince them that you are the person they need to finally sell their properties. 

  1. Facebook lead generation

The beauty of Facebook is that you can freely search for people who might need your service. On top of your profile, there is a search bar where you can look for people who might be selling their homes. Type the city along with few keywords related to selling a home like moving, best neighborhood and packing. This can lead to finding profiles in your extended network that could qualify as leads. 

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